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A fireproof inorganic core volume

A fireproof inorganic core volume
产品名称:A fireproof inorganic core volume
所属类别:Fireproof core material
更新日期:2015/6/25 11:53:52


Aru MAG A-grade fireproof core volume is by our independent research and development of equipment and the production, selection of inorganic materials according to the formula, through a special process rolling pressure forming and coiling. Core material of the flexible performance is excellent, but also has high fireproof performance, green environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, coupled with our A2 Level composite board production equipment, can be compounded into A2 Level fireproof composite board, for the majority of customers at home and abroad to solves the problem to independent production Class-A fireproof composite board.

Core volume size

Product informationRoad MAG inorganic core volume
The thickness of the winding core2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm
The width of the core plate1270mm,1520mm
Core roll lengthPer Roll≤300m