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"To date, will consider moving, all can be done." ALMINE company since 2011, established 5 years listed on the main board of vision. In 2013 because of the phased development of the company, a rare opportunity in the new three board expansion, the company decided to cross the new board level, a solid foundation for future landing motherboard market.
In October 2013 the company opened a prelude to listing the new three board ". Through the agency of due diligence, financial audit, etc. a series of business processes, ALMINE company finally on August 27, 2014, received a national SME share transfer system of limited liability company consent letter listed. We believe that the new three board listed will inspire us with great enthusiasm, led to fruitful results, to show a new charm.
The results of the past, wonderful future. The company will take this as a new starting point, establish the development of faster, higher and stronger in the pursuit of the main market for landing within three years, and strive to become the first listed company in Jinhu.
Look forward to the future, today is facing favorable conditions for ALMINE, facing development and opportunities, will also face rough and bumpy. We firmly believe that under the concern and support of friends from all sectors of the community, based on a blueprint for the development of Chinese "new Sanban" and broad market prospects, with effort and wisdom of ALMINE, will certainly live up to expectations, to innovation and practice across the performance, write a belongs to China aluminum plastic composite panel industry magnificent chapter! Let us look forward to this historic of ALMINE!
Finally, thank you again for a long time on ALMINE company and the support and help of friends from all walks of life, hope you continue to focus, to care and support the reform ALMINE, innovation and development. thank you.
June 1, 2015